Summer Job Seeking Advice for Employees and Employers

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John Tesh posts some good tips that we wanted to pass on.

He writes, “Encourage your teen to spend the majority of his time networking not just looking for jobs on his laptop. Why? Because 90% of job openings are not advertised and 90% of job candidates only apply for advertised work opportunities.”

Im not sure where he gets these numbers from, but I believe them. One of the things I spend most of my time on is convincing businesses to post their job openings on Unfortunately, many companies dont put in a lot of effort into hiring and managing part-time employees, but would you rather put a sign in your store window and hire the first kid who comes in or put a sign in your window and spend 5 minutes and $20 to post on allowing you to collect many more applicants and promoting your company to a valuable customer base at the same time? The more time you put into hiring good employees, the less time (and money) you will have to spend in the future dealing with turnover and training.

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