Student Job Search

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There comes a time in the life of an average high school or college student when the need for a student job search arises. While having extra spending money is usually the main reason for a looking for a job, there are several other benefits to be gained by working while still a student. But then, how do you carry out a successful student job search? Where do you look? Read on to find out the answers.

Resume is Key

Chances are that your desired student job will require you to submit a resume. Your success in landing the position will depend on how well you compose your resume. Therefore, careful efforts need to be put in to make sure your resume does a good job for you. Find and read through tips on how to write an effective student resume. A tip is that your education information should be near the top, after your summary, since it is unlikely you already have significant work experience. Ensure your resume uses the right format and length. And do not forget to check your spellings and grammar.

Where to look for jobs

There are many avenues you can explore for a student job search. Below are some of them.

1. Career office – One good way to get your student job search going is to visit the career office in your school, if one exists. You will be able to access listings of jobs you can apply for, including internship opportunities. And that’s not all. You could also be provided with personal career counseling and other forms of assistance, including resume writing and review. Some college career offices also offer recorded practice job interviews to help.

2. Job fairs – It is advisable to also consider attending job fairs whenever you have time to spare. At such events, you are provided with the opportunity to meet several companies looking to hire students. A job fair may be organized on your campus or off it. Interviews are sometimes conducted at these events and, if you are able to prove your mettle, you could land yourself a good job. For this reason, it is important that you have your well-written resume ready when attending a job fair.

3. College recruitment programs – Some large organizations have formal agreement with schools through which they hire students to work with them after graduation or during holiday breaks. These opportunities usually include paid or unpaid internships for gaining work experience. Participation in such recruiting programs could be helpful in your job search.

4. Online Job Search – Given you can do almost anything online these days, you can also do your student job search there as well – right from the comfort of your home. One great place you can find a job this way is On that job search page, you will be able to search for whatever job you desire and also stipulate location where you want it to be. If you want, you can get more specific by stating the name of the company you would like to work with and how much you want to earn.

You need an open mind to achieve quicker success on your student job search. Try to be flexible about the fields you where you would like to work and apply for many jobs to improve your chances of getting a job.