How To Snag A Marketing Job

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A job in marketing can make for a great and very interesting career. Online marketing is growing consistently and with plenty of work in the field can make a great potential career path.

Here is what I believe should be done:

Apply for an internship

Have you noticed that most of the good positions require experience? Do you have any idea how to get some? Interning is your best solution. While you are in school, offer your services on a part-time basis, then apply for an internship right after you graduate. You can use this as a springboard to a full-time position.

Volunteer at non-profits

If you volunteer at a company that is a non-profit, you will have solid experience to add to your resume. While many non-profits offer internships that are unpaid, the chance to further your career is worth it according to UK marketing recruiter Spotlight Recruitment. Never mind the fact that it is for a great cause.


As the old saying suggests, it really is about who you know. Build your brand and it will offer you more chances to meet people that can give your career a jump start. I also think it would be smart to join industry associations and any associations that are related to the university you attended.

Learn to love social media

The newer generations are expected to have a firm grip on social media and all of the latest technology. Once an employee sees that you are adept at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter blogs and online communities, you will see far more valuable to them. You can also use social media sites to look for jobs, get career advice and stay alert to any great opportunities. You never know when something will fall right into your lap. Here are some great online courses.

Do your homework

You should know which companies have programs for graduates. It is also a good idea to know which talent agencies help people that are in this particular field. You should focus on the type of work environments available (corporate, government, non-profit, etc) so you know which you are more suited for. Once you find a job that piques your interest, check your skills and interests to see if they fit the requirements. You should be aware of the products and services offered as well as any pertinent news when it comes to the companies you are interviewing with. Make sure that you showcase this knowledge in your cover letter and during your interview.

Write as much as you can

People in the marketing field rely on great writing skills to get by. Add well-written samples to your portfolio. Review a concert, write a letter to the editor or a paper. Start a newsletter or create a piece for a local journal. While you may not be published in a national magazine, this will help sharpen your skills. If you are in advertising, you should add to your portfolio every chance you get.

Proof your work

There should be no errors on your resume, cover letter or any other documentation you provide
to prospective employers. If you know English is not your strong suit, have someone else look it over for you.

Ask for assistance

If you are open with recruiters and companies, they are generally more receptive to any inquiries you have, and they will try their best to offer a useful response. Invite an HR person from a company you adore out for coffee. Let them know that you are interested in learning more about the company and you want to know how to move forward. This will help show that you are interested without having to deal with a formal interview just yet. While they may not be hiring right away, they may keep you in mind for the future. A lasting impression can help you snag the job you want. They may even be willing to refer you to others in the industry who have open positions.

Create a custom resume

You can tailor your experience for each job you are applying to. Let employers know how you can benefit their company. The opening paragraph should focus on the specific job you are interested in. There plenty of business in the resume area to help.

Show your passion

If you are offered an interview, show that you are different by expressing the passion you have for the industry and the specific job you are applying for. Always let them know that you are willing to learn and grow. In some cases, passion is a substitute for the experience that is required.