School-Year Job

Category : Careers , Job Search

You dont want to admit it. I dont want to admit it–but summer is almost over. For many of us that means our summer jobs are almost over too. Now comes the time to decide if employment should be secluded to the summer, or if you would like to work during the school year.

Some things to consider:

Can you do your job and get your homework done and go to your after school clubs (and even get a few hours of sleep in each night)? Are you willing to sacrifice extra-curricular activities for a job?

How much will you be making at this job during the school year? Is it worth the time and sacrifices you would have to make?

Can you get from school to work and back home easily? If you have to rely on public transportation, is the cost going to be worth the salary?

You cannot legally work during school hours, so are you willing to work at night and during weekends?

Is this job an opportunity that you cant pass up? Will it add to your skill-set or supplement your now growing resume? Will it provide you with connections and experiences that will greatly benefit you?

A school-year job is not for everybody, but it does have its perks. Make sure to consider every angle before making the commitment.