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Much to my surprise, there was another prompt about teenage employment in my state-wide standardized testing. This time the focus was on should teens get jobs or not. The argument against it was that it took time away from school work and extracurriculars, and the argument for it being employment builds character, teaches responsibility, fills your wallet, and preps you for the workforce.

Though the arguments against youth employment do have some value, they would have to be severely exaggerated to really make an impact. With child labor laws, 14-16 year olds can only work 3 hours a day. And most teens with jobs are not working these 3 hours every single day. They still have time for a club after school a few times a week, and they definitely have time for studying and homework. Employment can even help with time management, because it is a responsibility outside of school that will take up time, so students have to maintain patterns of activity, creating a natural schedule of school, work, and studying.

The employed youth do have to make sacrifices, choosing to go to work instead of hanging out with friends. But this employment is beneficial in so many more ways that these sacrifices are worth it. So to all of those taking these state tests, think again about the arguments for employment.

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