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If you are in high school chances are that you wish you had some extra cash.  And when you are in high school, a little extra cash can go along way.  So, if you think that you have time in your busy schedule to start a part time job, its best to start looking now.

Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality

There are many jobs that are available to high school students that make reasonable wages in both small and large cities.  Its true that lots of these jobs aren’t necessarily the most desirable positions and teenagers aren’t going to make a career out of them, but in addition to the money it’s a good idea to start getting some work experience while you are young.  Some entry-level positions that teens can get without any work experience are usually in retail, restaurant, or hospitality industries.  Teens can go to the mall or have their parents drive them around to stores in their neighborhood to see if they need any sales assistance.  Chances are that somewhere will have something available part-time for teens to work after school or on the weekends. Use the search form above to look for these jobs in your area.

There are literally thousands of stores to choose from in larger cities, so if the task seems too daunting, then it’s best to narrow the search down to store that are selling things that are of interest to you.  For instance, if you are really into cars, then it would be a good idea to start inquiring about job opportunities and a car repair shop, a used car lot, a car stereo and equipment store, a new car showroom, etc.  Or, if you are really into fashion, you can head to the mall and drop your application off with clothing stores that have styles that you are interested in and already wear on a daily basis.  This way you will be excited to go to work everyday, and not feel like you are wasting your time just to get some extra cash in your pocket.  Also, many stores offer their employees discounts so if you already spend your money in the stores, then you will be saving even more.

Work Online

The power of the internet is really around connecting people in communities and connecting customers to businesses. You can be a part of that and make money either in just your spare time or as a full time job while you are not in school. Here are some ideas that might be right for you.


If it’s not retail that you are interested in, there are often part time construction jobs that spring up that you can search for by word or mouth or on  Construction jobs usually don’t require experience, or at least too much experience, so if it seems like an employer who you think will have more jobs for you in the future, you can offer to shadow one of his or her current employees for a week or two before you start accepting payment.  That can be a great way for you to get your foot in the door and start making that extra cash quickly.  In addition to construction, there are lots of seasonal jobs that spring up that you can keep an eye out for that are usually only part time and can hire students.  These jobs include positions such as life guarding and working for the park.

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