Part Time Jobs For Students

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Part-time jobs for students, both those in high schools and colleges, offer a good means of getting extra money to take care of bills while in school. Such jobs also help to enhance the chances of high school students gaining admission into their preferred colleges and universities. Are you interested in part-time jobs for students, either for yourself or your children? Here are some great jobs that you can check out.

Retail worker

Retail is among the topmost and ever-ready provider of part-time jobs for students. The job of a retail worker is also a somewhat easy one. You get the opportunity to interact with different sorts of customers on daily basis. In addition, you also get to enjoy perks such as discounts. A retail job can help improve your people skills, which is especially very essential if you major in a marketing-related field.

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Babysitter or Nanny

Now, this is a very popular option among those interested in part-time jobs for students. Unlike in the olden days, men and women have to work these days to keep the family going. And sometimes, there may be need for couples to be in places where they cannot or do not wish to take their young kids along. If you are the kid-loving type, a babysitting job gives you the opportunity to earn doing what you love.

How do I become a babysitter?


You most likely have a subject or two you are very good at – these can be put to good use for moneymaking. There are parents who look for students to teach their kids and for whom you can work as a tutor for these children in lower classes. You get to work on flexible schedules and it is also possible to tutor kids online.

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Online Jobs

There are countless ways you can earn money online. The internet is amazing at joining customers and businesses together and that creates opportunity for you to find a niche that you like. Some opportunities are things you can do in your spare time. Others can become full time jobs when you are not in school. Here are some ideas.


It will interest you to know that there are people willing to pay for some of the skills you have without necessary adversely affecting your study. Do you love writing? You can use your skills to make good money writing articles for those in need of content on a freelance basis. There are also jobs for several other skills, including graphic designing, web designing, programming and bookkeeping. Keep in mind that most sites require you to be able to legally enter in to a contract. Your parents or guardians may be able to help you out here by fronting your account.

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This is another job that offers you a flexible schedule so that your study is not negatively affected by the decision to work part time. The hourly wage may not be completely awesome, but you can get perks such as free or discounted meals. In addition, tips received from customers can add up significantly. You should be prepared for shift work, though.

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Library worker

You have probably not thought about a library, even the one in your school, being a good place to look for part-time jobs for students. It is. You can actually get a job as a library monitor, whose work is mainly to ensure orderliness and quietude in a library. Also, there may be other positions, including arranging and sorting books or helping at the print center. The beauty of working in a library is that it gives you the opportunity to do personal reading as well. You may need to inquire directly at a library on available positions.

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Part-time jobs for students make it possible for high school and college students to make extra money on the side while studying. Some colleges and universities also place high premium on such jobs in addition to test scores when admission is concerned.