On the Internet, It’s All About “My”

Category : My First Job

People generally feel pretty strongly about the domain name, myfirstpaycheck.com – they either love it or hate it. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it (I actually bought it when I was 16) and the lovers far outweigh the haters so were sticking with it, but it’s an interesting issue to revisit every once in a while.

This Sunday, The New York Times published an article about My Domain names, David Browne wrote, “the Web is awash in sites that begin with that most personal of pronouns, and not simply MySpace. A few quick clicks will connect you to MyCoke and My IBM even MyClick, a mobile-phone marketing company. Collectively, they amount to a new world of Web sites designed to imply a one-on-one connection with a corporation or large business.”

They don’t mention myfirstpaycheck.com, but they could have.

The article continues, “The rise of sites with the ‘my’ prefix is an outgrowth of an increasingly customized world of technology, such as the iPod and TiVo.”

The article continues, “We all want to be individuals and this brand will help you express your individuality,” said Nick Bartle, a director of behavioral planning at the advertising agency BBDO. “These ‘my’ Web sites are the logical extension of that strategy.”

But they illustrate how corporations are striving to show that they can be as intimately connected to their customers as in-vogue social networking sites. They’re not just impersonal businesses; they are your close, intimate friends.”

I like to think of myfirstpaycheck.com as a friendly company, do you think its working?