Manner & Etiquette Tips for Teens

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I was emailing with Jodi R. R. Smith of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting about job tips for teens and she offered a few pieces of great advice that I wanted to pass on.

Walk the Line ~ Yes, you should tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. But dont beg, seem needy, or exude desperation. Be upbeat and breezy. Dont ask if they have any job openings; instead ask if they know of anyone who may have job openings. Having a positive attitude is critical.

Generate Activity ~ Stay busy. Go to networking meetings, volunteer for local committees, and organize lunches. Check the job listings every day, send out resumes every day, call to follow up on openings you have applied for every day. Activity breeds activity and eventually leads to a job.

Formal First ~ Many of the job application vehicles are seemingly informal methods of communication. E-mails, websites, and on-line listings tend to lend themselves to informality. Do not be fooled. Use “Dear,” “Mr.,” “Ms.,” and “Sincerely” until you see how they are communicating with you. Once you know the organizations level of formality, you can mirror it.

Thankful ~ Get into the habit now of being grateful. For anyone who offers a lead, refers you to a job, takes you to lunch, interviews you, or helps during the interview process; write a thank you note. The note need not be long. But good manners will take you far.

We cant stress how important it is for teens to have good manners – it makes a huge impact on first impressions and greatly increases your chances of getting hired.

Thanks Jodi!

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