Online Job Search Websites

There are different ways to finding a job, one of which is through the Internet. Job sites, forums and boards are not in short supply online. However, some of these sites are more reputable and helpful than some others. Here we present some top job sites you can use for your next job search — in no particular order.



This is a leader when job sites are concerned. Started in 2004, Indeed is a top job aggregator with millions of postings. It is little wonder then that hundreds of millions visitors check out the site on monthly basis. The site caters to over 50 countries in about 30 different languages. Indeed boasts of unique features such as Google Chrome and Firefox job search plugins, salary search, trends and alerts, among others. Millions of people have landed jobs using this site, with testimonials available.



Used by more than 30 million visitors every month, Simply Hired is really a good place to get hired, as its name seemingly suggests. The site is used by numerous employers spread across about 24 countries. It cannot only be assessed using a PC, but also through the use of mobile devices. Providing a performance-centric job advertising platform, Simply Hired also has a blog for giving useful tips to job seekers.



Launched in 1995, CareerBuilder is arguably among the oldest job websites. This award-winning site has partnerships with many top newspapers, providing local and national job ads. CareerBuilder works with several hundred thousand companies around the world, many of which are Fortune 1000 companies. Aside allowing resume postings, this service also offers a variety of useful tools, including salary calculator and career tests.



A pioneer among job sites, Monster has been in operation since 1994. It had been the leading sites for job seekers for several years before Indeed took that position away from it in 2010. The service allows job seekers to post their resumes, review company information, apply for jobs and access salary information. You can also get career advice, including interview tips and sample questions.



This is a unique site for finding jobs, especially in that most of its information is provided by employees. This jobs and career community is a top recommendation when you need a place where you can get inside information of a company you would like to work with. Here you can get salary information, company reviews and ratings as well as interview questions, among others. These pieces of information are not provided only by employees and job seekers, but also by some companies as well.


While these job sites can be quite helpful in your job search, it is advisable that you do not focus all your attention on finding jobs online. It is advisable to also network and approach companies you would like to work with offline.