Immigration Policies Making it Easier for Teens to Find Jobs

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The link is explained in Kate Zezimas article in The New York Times.

She writes, ” In an effort to win support for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and its allies have blocked voting on legislation that would allow employers to rehire foreign seasonal nonagricultural workers independent of a 1991 quota.

As a result, the government is limited to issuing the 66,000 seasonal work visas set when the visa program, known as H-2B, became law 33,000 for winter workers and 33,000 for summer workers. Last year, more than 120,000 foreign workers entered the country on H-2B visas.

For Cape Cod, the impact has been devastating. Employers will receive only 15 of the 5,000 visas they had requested, according to the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.

Many vacation towns rely on foreign workers because they can work the whole summer, are affordable, and are happy to work in a beach or resort – those are all qualities teens have too. If you are still looking for something to do this summer, Id suggest searching for a seasonal job in a resort community like these ones.

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