How to Start a Lawn Care Business

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A well-tended lawn is a pride of every homeowner. Many homeowners who desire such, however, do not have the time to do what it takes to have one. This creates a good opportunity for moneymaking for others, especially young people, who are ready to help in that regard. You have probably seen one or two teenagers who are doing well in lawn care business and you are wondering how to start one. This piece gives you useful ideas on how to start a lawn care business of your own.

Before you start

It is important to determine if you really enjoy doing lawn care and not just going into it for the money. You should ideally be good at mowing, trimming and pruning Рmore than a homeowner is or be willing to be. If you are not confident about your level of expertise, you should consider getting extra training. It is also important for you to be physically fit because your job will often entail working in weather such as in very hot, sunny conditions. Self-discipline is also vital, with this being helpful in making the right decision when business and leisure seem to clash.

Steps to start a lawn care business

Determine services and customers – A lawn care business can offer a variety of services. You should endeavor to choose only those services you are confident in your ability to deliver. Determine specific areas where you feel your services could be in higher demand and develop plan on how to provide the services in such places. Google Maps or Earth could be helpful in finding the right areas. Services such as winterizing and fertilizing could be considered for periods when you may be unable to perform your regular services due to prevailing weather conditions.

Buy equipment – There are certain tools and equipment you must have to start a lawn care business. These include mowers, edgers, blowers and trimmers (all of commercial grade) as well pickup trucks and trailers. The perfect pieces of equipment will depend on the services you provide. If you are financially constrained buying new equipment, you can consider buying quality used ones or renting. If needed, start with a mower and as you earn money you can buy other equipment to add to the services you provide.

Set your rates – You will need to determine how much you charge for your services. Reach a decision on amount to charge per square foot. You may request for sample quotes from local companies to have an idea of their rates. Make sure you set your rates lower than your competitors’, at least until you establish your presence.

Advertise – With your business set, you now need to bring it to the attention of clients. You can print and circulate flyers, while also speaking to your family members, friends and neighbors asking for their help with reference. If you have the money, you can take out ads in local newspapers. Craigslist also offers a great way to get your services out there for free.

Talk to an expert – Depending on how large you want your business to be, you should consider speaking to an attorney or business adviser for ideas on necessary permits and licenses as well as tax-related issues. Moreover, there are several different types of tax calculators and estimators that can be utilized as well. Further guidance may be sought at your local city, county, or state government.

Keep tab – It is advisable to keep tab on all your customers and ensure that everyone pays. You should do a good job of staying on top of all expenses and cash flows as well as those owing. Lawn care software can help in that regard.

To be successful in your lawn care business, it is important for you to master how to manage your money well. Training is essential when offering chemical pest control or fertilizing service or some other services that can have negative impact on human health and environment if not properly handled.

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