How To Make Real Money With Virtual Reality

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If you are thinking about making money through Virtual Reality than you are probably aware of the potential the industry has. You might have even read the Goldman Sach Report on Virtual Reality… In case you didn’t Goldman Sach project the VR market as a $120 Billion Dollar industry by 2020! That not even a decade away!

So how can you get yourself a cut of that amazing VR market? Well here are some ideas for you to try out.

Making Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality is a Gamers dream, while developing a complete game might seem like a daunting task, you would be surprised by how much can be achieved if you put the time and effort.

You might remember a story that happened earlier this year of a man that made an entire game by himself! The news was particularly interesting, since the game looks and plays as a triple A game.

The game is called Lost Soul and it landed its maker a profitable job. He used plenty of paid assets so he didn’t actually made everything but it goes to show that time and effort can result in great things.

If you feel like making an entire game is way too much for you, there’s another possibility. You can opt to create assets and tools for developers! It’s not easy either but is not as hard, if you learn how to make 3d models for instance, you can sell them on platforms like Unity. This way instead of a whole game you would develop characters or items and then sell the 3d model online.

Making Custom Cardboards

Let’s face it, VR is still a niche market… Most people are not completely convinced on the whole idea and the fact that a decent headset would cost $700 at least makes trying VR a bit of a risk.

So Google Cardboard is and will continue to be the first VR headset people buy for a while. That is At least until VR is accepted and widely spread, so making custom Cardboards is another great opportunity.

You can easily create a brand and make custom headsets or kits, that would add some value to the Google Cardboard. Maybe you can add some nice straps, or give them some cool design so it doesn’t look like a piece of cardboard on your head…

After you have your design you could get to production and sell them online!

Make a 360 YouTube Channel

Youtube is a great platform for entrepreneurs, and while it’s quite difficult to create a successful Youtube Channel, there  aren’t that many that offer 360 content.

This would require you to have a 360 camera, but it might just be the perfect niche for you to start a profitable business, Just think about what kind of content would be work best for 360 videos!

Start A Blog About VR

Being a new technology there isn’t really that many VR dedicated sites, this means you could start blogging about VR news in different aspects. Maybe you want a VR Gaming News blog or a VR Tech News blog.

Is up to you to decide what kind of content you can create and focus on.


Last but not least is advertising. If you have a high traffic blog, Youtube Channel, Instagram account or any other social media, then you might want to start offering advertising to VR companies.

For instance Freefly VR who is one of the biggest VR Headset manufacturers, is constantly looking for Influencers to advertise their products!


Image Credit Daniel Nascimento