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Governments at the various levels – federal, state and local – are among the leading employers in the economy. Some people like government jobs because of their belief that these offer greater level of security than those available in the private sector. Perhaps, you are one of those considering government employment and wish to learn more about it. This post is aimed at providing useful information about this type of employment and how to go about landing a position.

About Government or Public Employment

It is a proven fact that government is a leading employer in the economy. With millions of people in public employment, several thousands of openings are also advertised on an average day. One exciting thing about working for government is that there are openings for virtually every field and skill set. These jobs are also available across the country and abroad. The main requirements to get employed in most cases are dedication, reliability and expertise.

According to a public employment and payroll report released December 2014 by the U.S. Census Bureau, there were almost 22 million people in the employment of federal, state and local governments in March 2013. A breakdown shows local governments employ the most at 13.8 million, followed by state governments at 5.3 million, and federal at 2.7 million. In the month under study, approximately $88 billion were paid to government employees — the national average monthly income for local government employees was put at $3,690 (full-time and part-time) and $3,881 for workers in the employment of state governments.

Landing a Government Job

While numerous government jobs are advertised, you may still not be able to land one if you do not play your game right. You may easily lose focus and end up being frustrated without a proper plan. It is therefore important to first take the time out to determine your skill set and what role or agency it will be most appropriate for. You need to familiarize yourself with the government hiring process and the necessary paperwork to avoid frustration that could cause you to give up.

There are numerous types of government jobs available in different areas – from health to security and regulation. Here are just few of the jobs you should expect:

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There are several hundreds of positions you may be eligible to apply for. A visit to recruiting agencies and sites will give you further ideas of available jobs., the official search engine for federal government jobs, is one of the places you can check out for available openings. Also visit the websites or the personnel offices of the government agencies you would love to work with for vacancy information.

Government employment can be quite rewarding, but you need to be aware that many other people are equally interested. Make sure you put your best leg forward. You can improve your chances for success by ensuring your resume is in good order (proper spelling and grammar); sending in your applications early, and being proactive. Apply for more jobs you feel well-suited to in order to improve your chances of landing a government job.

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