Five Tips to Help Students Find Summer Jobs in a Recession

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In this weak economy and tight job market, students have to start their summer job search earlier than ever. To help our peers, we’ve put together five tips to help make the job search a little easier.

1. BE BRAVE. Even in this economy, there are employers looking for the affordable, enthusiastic, and energetic help that teenagers provide, but you have to go out and ask for it. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by news of the economy, and don’t be afraid to apply for jobs.

2. BE PREPARED. Bring a resume and a cover letter whenever you apply for a job. Teens are now competing for jobs with adults and having a well-written resume is essential. It shows that you are serious about the position, and that you are mature and responsible. If you need help writing a resume, provides a helpful dynamic free resume.

3. BE POLITE. You are applying for a job so dress up, make eye contact, shake hands, and avoid using slang. First impressions matter — they are your chance to prove yourself — so take advantage of the opportunity.

4. BE PERSISTENT. Persistence pays off.  Send a thank you note to interviewers, follow-up if you do not hear about the job after a week, and keep applying.

5. BE CREATIVE. Look for work in places other than the mall. The weak economy means that people are going to be looking to cut costs in areas such as lawn and child care. Get a few friends together and start a landscaping or a babysitting business.

Do you have any other tips?

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