Five-Finger Discount

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Now that you’ve landed that summer job, you may find yourself spending a lot more time staring at the same merchandise every day than you thought you would. If its something good (ice cream!) you may get tempted more than you thought. Most employers will give workers discounts for the merchandise. Some will let you take home things free at the end of the day (like food that is restocked daily). And still some may look the other way while you scoop a free cone for yourself and 6 of your closest friends.
While I have been at the receiving end of these benevolent workers, I know it is important to make sure this is okay with the employers. Before taking free samples for yourself, or subtly handing out something to friends, check with your boss on the gifting policy. Chances are the rules are pretty lax, and if not, at least you know the rules and wont accidentally get in trouble.

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