Even Worse for Young Workers

Category : Job Search

Bob Herbert, one of the best Op-Ed Columnists out there wrote another great piece for The Times today that I wanted to make sure you saw. Herbert writes, “The employment situation in the U.S. is, if anything, worse than most people realize. And huge numbers of young people, ages 16 to 30, are being beaten down in ways that could leave scars for a lifetime.” He continues, “The ones who are being hit the hardest and will have the most difficult time recovering are America’s young workers. Nearly 2.2 million young people, ages 16 through 29, have already lost their jobs in this recession. This follows an already steep decline in employment opportunities for young workers over the past several years. Good jobs were hard to find for most categories of workers during that period. One of the results has been that older men and women have been taking and holding onto jobs that in prior eras would have gone to young people.”
The effect of the recession on young people is something that we’ve been talking about for a long time at myfirstpaycheck.com, but there is only so much we can do. We need great minds with big platforms to continue to bring up the importance of youth employment, and we need big solutions. Myfirstpaycheck.com can help teens find jobs through our resume builders and advice, but we can’t create jobs. There are a lot of big problems out there, but unemployment about young adults cannot be over looked. Bob Herbert, thank you for continuing to advocate for us.

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