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Want to do what I do? Want to make money while you sleep, eat, go to school, spend time with friends, and go on vacation? Well, I’ve learned that it is really straightforward, but it takes a lot of time, learning, and dedication. Let me show you how to get started making websites that make you money.

What I do is called Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an extremely broad field but the simple definition is: selling things using the internet as the primary marketing channel. Now, the internet is a really broad term as well, so I’ll be more specific: using your network and using a website.

My flavor of internet marketing is to use a web site to sell things.

How do I make money with Internet Marketing?

To make money you need to accomplish a really simple task: provide someone on the internet with something they want while simultaneously giving a merchant something they want.

Let me give you a very specific example… do you see the advertisement at the top of this page? That advertisement is targeted to you by a merchant who wants to sell you something. If you click on that advertisement then I am paid a commission for finding you, a potential customer.

Presto, I’ve just made money.

You can do the same thing. Read on for some quick ideas you can leverage and then some great information on how to scale up.

Ready to make your first $1 as an Internet Marketer?

Making your first $1 is really easy. Here is the technique:

  1. Find a company that pays commissions on the actions of others (or on referrals)
  2. Sign up
  3. Get the referral link for your account
  4. Tell people about the opportunity
  5. When someone signs up and starts earning money for themselves, you start getting paid

Okay, here are some places you can sign up and start referring folks. To set your expectations correctly… When you follow one of these links, you are being added as one of my referrals. This is how Internet Marketing works, so fear not!

  • CashCrate.com – Make money by completing surveys and simple tasks online. Or, earn $1 for each “active” referral or $3 when a referral reaches $10 in earnings.
  • slicethepie.com – Make money by listening to and giving thoughtful reviews to the artists. Or, earn a downlevel percentage commission when your referrals complete surveys and tasks.

Where to Advertise?

There are a lot of ways you can advertise and I’m sure you will be able to come up with more than I list here. The key to marketing is knowing your target audience and finding out where to connect with them in a way that engages them. Here are some ideas.

  • Reddit – Find appropriate communities to post in and be sure to follow the rules
  • Facebook Pages – Create or find relevant pages and respectfully post valuable information to those pages. If it doesn’t enhance the page then you’re out of bounds, keep searching
  • Pinterest – Start a board using a theme, create relevant images, and create a description and some content around them

I hope these get you started. I’m sure you can find other companies that support this model and if you do, let me know what is working for you by sending me an email.

Scaling up

You have the basics working for you at this point and so it is time to start talking about scale. To scale you need to create communities and market to them. The reason is that we are already bombarded by advertising messages and we humans are really good at ignoring them. The community results in a place where we grant some authority and so, when we see an advertising message or opportunity we are much more likely to act on it. Here is my basic approach.

  1. Find a niche you have interest in
  2. Create a web site
  3. Create a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)
  4. Create really interesting content
  5. Find ways to incorporate these referral programs
  6. Watch your referral numbers climb and the money start to become more reliable

Success Stories

Do you have a success story that started here? I want to hear from you! Let me know!

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