Despite Tight Job Market, Teens Can Still Find Summer Work

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The Martinsville (Va) newspaper published this article yesterday about the local job market for teens. I cant say that I have a lot of personal experience with Martinsville, but it seems that the job market is pretty similar to whats found in the rest of the country. Unemployment is generally up, but smart, enthusiastic, and prepared teens can still find jobs.

The article states, “Though Martinsville has the highest unemployment rate in the state, teens can still land summer jobs in certain sectors, according to a Virginia Employment Commission official.  In Virginia, I don’t think it will be that bad,” said Bill Mezger, chief economist for the Economic Information Services Division of the VEC, in response to the study. “I think 2008 will still be a fairly good year for summer employment, though not as good as the last two years. The city’s high jobless rate, just above 10 percent in April, comes mainly from the factory sector, a field that would not attract many teens on summer break, Mezger said. However, he added, “The fact that unemployment is higher in the area means there’s more competition for the jobs that are available.” In Martinsville, Mezger said jobs should be available in the retail and service industries where most teens look for employment. Some jobs are pretty much aimed at teenagers, and adults would not be seeking them in great numbers,  he added.”

And suggests (like we do at that teens should look for summer jobs in food service, lifeguarding, and referring.

Hows your job search going?

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