Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile Resume

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Employers are increasingly factoring social media activity or presence into the equation of recruiting candidates for different positions in their organizations. LinkedIn is somewhat the favorite among recruiters. It is said that 3 in 4 Fortune 100 companies use the platform when looking to make new hires. With several millions of people on the social network, you need to find a way to make your profile speak for you to stand a chance of getting the job of your dreams. Here are some tips you can use for creating a killer LinkedIn profile resume.

Sell yourself with headline

Your profile headline is, perhaps, the first thing that grabs the attention of recruiters, so you want to make sure you use it well. It is not enough to simply state your position or your professional specialization in the header. You should state how you could be of help to potential employers since that is what they are mainly interested in when looking to hire people. Appropriate keywords by which you want your profile to be found should be worked into the headline. Make the keywords as less generic as possible to achieve good results.

Create a summary that gets the calls

You should not make the mistake of leaving the Summary section of your LinkedIn profile blank. The total number of characters allowed should be used to your maximum advantage. Make sure that you use your keywords very well in the summary and include all relevant skills you possess. But take care not to simply stuff in many keywords in the piece, as this could be counterproductive – choose only the most-important ones. Write in the first person and add your contact information, including useful media links. Break up the summary and use bullets since long block of texts does not make for enjoyable reading.

Add a photo

A profile picture greatly increases the visibility of your LinkedIn profile resume in searches. You should, therefore, ensure that you add a professional photograph of yourself. It is important to note here that selfies, or self-taken pictures, will not cut it for this purpose. The right photo – a headshot – should show your face and ideally not be bigger than 80 x 80 pixels.

Highlight experience

It is a fact that many employers are interested in the experience possessed by a potential hire. You want to ensure that the experience section of your profile is regularly updated. Add previous jobs and recommendations received for them, if you have any. Make you of appropriate, less-used but effective keywords.

Build your network

The connections you have on LinkedIn also play a key role in your success of landing that job. You should build your own network by connecting with other members on the platform. This will increase your exposure and access to available opportunities. However, it is not advisable to add people you have never related with or known in the past as they might be annoyed by this. Content, especially those with links and that can be of help to your connections, should regularly be posted. This helps improve engagement with them.

Brag a little

Now, don’t take that to mean something negative. What I mean here is that you should flaunt your accomplishments, awards and honors on your profile. While it is good to be humble, you really need to show off what you have achieved to draw and retain the attention of recruiters.

You should be able to create for yourself a killer LinkedIn profile resume by applying these tips.

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