A Stimulus Plan With a Long-Term Payoff

Category : My First Job

A neat column from Courtland Milloy. He writes, “A recent study by the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute found that poverty in the nations capital is at its highest level in nearly a decade. One in five D.C. residents is poor. That adds up to 110,000 people. Among major U.S. cities, the District has one of the biggest income gaps between rich and poor. The incomes of the city’s lowest-wage workers have stagnated, while salaries of top earners have soared. As the number of jobs has increased, employment of African American residents and people with no more than a high school diploma has declined. The employment rate for those groups is at a nearly 30-year low.

Paying youngsters to behave may strike some as a misuse of money, but were about to spend billions to keep America from having a panic attack. Apparently money can calm the nerves.

And as everybody knows, the fastest way to put money back into the economy is to put it in the hands of a teenager. And keep the shoe stores and cellphone kiosks open late. ”

I couldn’t agree more. While its tough for us to create jobs, Celeste and I created Myfirstpaycheck.com | Jobs for Teens to help connect teens with jobs that are already out there… it seems to be working so far.