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Sen. Obama’s First Job

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When Sen. Obama was in high school he scooped Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins. He understands some of the difficulties of working in food service, he said, “Girls would come in. Youd be trying to talk to them. They wouldnt give you the time of day because you were in this cap.”

But his experience also helped him gained experience for his run for the Presidency. He said, “”I was making maybe a hundred dollars a week or something and they were still taking all this money out. I thought, man, thats the payroll tax. So its already regressive. I dont want to raise the income tax on people who are not making a lot of money already.”

How did you spend your summer?

For video of Sen. Obama speaking about his first job click here.

Does (Fill in Company Name) Hire Teens?

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Teenagers are web-savvy, and rely on the internet for many aspects of their daily lives. Teenagers who use the internet to do their homework, communicate with their friends, shop, and entertain themselves, are learning to use the internet to find jobs.

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